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How scary could a night of babysitting be?


In BLINK, you assume the role of a babysitter watching over Lily Vida, daughter of a local psychiatrist. A regular night of babysitting takes a sinister turn when someone or something attempts to kidnap Lily. 

It's up to you to try and get her back in this psychological horror story that will keep you guessing as to what's really happening.

Game features

• The blink effect - The player is constantly blinking randomly and we use this to initiate a variety of events. These include jumpscares, teleports, camera effects, environment changing, and more.

• Psychological Horror – The blink effect isn't the only source of horror. Players will also experience character-driven psychological horror that reveals more of the plot while also keeping the player uncomfortable.

• Detailed Environment Exploration- Every location in the game is teeming with detail about the characters and setting. Explore the detailed home to uncover more about the Vida family.

Behind the Scenes

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the correct bit version.
  2. Unzip file.
  3. Open the application (has BLINK symbol).
  4. Enjoy.

We're a  2-person team completing the full project. It would mean the world to us if you left a comment and give us a ratingTruly, thank you.

Follow the development of the project, @twitter.

Join discussions, report bugs, and engage with our community and the devs on Discord.

Or, email us directly at community@abandonedhousestudios.com


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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blink-last-night-win.zip 8 GB
Version 7

Development log


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Awesome game! The blinking mechanic makes it extra terrifying! 

Game looks and plays great, my brightness was too low so I got lost for longer than I care to admit...

Loved the level design, and  the tension was great the whole way through. Keep it up! I look forward to the other 3 parts!

this game has its questionable moments but decent game if your interested check out my full gameplay video below 


The game looks interesting; however, I am unable to find the link to the demo download.

Hello, sorry about that. We put the demo down due to it being over a year out of date. We recently put the full game out for sale on our store page if you're interested!


looks good, looking forward to play it! Good job for a 2 person team!

Glad to hear, sorry we've been on hiatus while completing the game. The first chapter is up on our page if you're still interested!


How do you dowload this game

Hey, sorry for the late reply. We've been focusing on development. The game will be available on this page and Steam before Halloween!


Very intresting game!

Can't wait for the final releas.

We're gearing to release before Halloween! Stay tuned!

Tried out the demo for BLINK!


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep up the great work!

Thank you for playing! I'll be checking out your video later today, hope you had fun playing!

I tried to play this game but when i set the graphics high it just stays at medium/low and its basically unplayable because its just a blur. I had to restart it twice to get the "enter to start" to work also. i really wanted to play this game the intro video on the TV was pretty cool.

Sorry to hear that; I would recommend lower settings (it still looks great) and setting your resolution to 1080pi if it's higher; this should fix your FPS. The settings do change but there's a ui bug in this version that resets what's highlighted once closing it out. 

We've actually been working on a brand new version of this demo that solves a lot of issues we've heard from our community. This includes a rehauled lighting system, a tighter story, more scares and better optimization. 

We'll likely release it on this platform but we're going to prioritize our steam page once it's out. We considered taking this version of the demo down but so many people wanted to play it that we decided to keep it up for the time being. 

We'll let you know as soon as the newer version is out! We apologize again!

it's good, but you should work on optimization. There are too many details: are there glasses in the kitchen drawers, wth? I had light problems too, if I pick up a paper it's all dark until I tilt it, but perhaps it's gamma. 

We agree. We've actually been creating a new version of this demo that overhauls the lighting system and fixes various bugs that have been consisten with each build. We're sorry for the experience you had and have been hard at work crafting a demo that solves not only the issues you've pointed out but issues other players have had.

try to stream this, and had so much trouble with it. setting was set to LOW . and set after awhile, i blue screen(reset) my Streaming PC. WTH? ,, 

Blink: The last night . Live on Twitch.tv !!

Hello, we’ve only had these problems when players are playing compressed zipped versions - did you unzip the file before playing? I’ll redownload and check the file on my end by tomorrow night. Sorry for any inconvenience! 


Had a lot of fun playing this one. I would have liked to have been put in a situation where I had to avoid the scary lady toward the end there though. 

Thank you for playing!! Who's to stay something like that isn't planned for the full release? ;)


Good looking game...i enjoyed playing it, but battery Situation was too frustrating for me. And partially the game was super dark.

Sorry for your experience, if you go back into the master bedroom (across Lily's) there's another event that happens that brings you to an area with another light source. Thank you for checking us out and let us know if you have any troubles if you return to the Vida household! 


when the full game be released?

We don't have a set date, but we are adding around 20-30 minutes of bonus content and shifting things around with our big demo update that's coming very soon! - follow the itchio page or our social media to get notified when it releases. 




I'm gonna stream and upload video of this game. So, can I just get the "script" of the opening movie?

Sure, may we ask for what reason?

Because I'm not good at listening English(especially without subtitle... I just want to understand clearly! Thank you!)


Hey! Great game but I had 2 issues, 1 the hallway upstairs is so dark that it's tough to manage to the next door. 2 The game doesn't run smoothly no matter what settings I use and I have a pretty good PC. Know what I could do to make it run smoother?

If you have a higher tier monitor you may need to lower your resolution - are you having problems on low settings? Could you comment your specs?



Intel Core i7-8700
12 threads - 3.2 GHz

Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 5GB


Random Access Memory


The most popular OS for gaming.

Yeah I saw somebody play the game and it looked great. Smooth, no motion blur, no choppy cutting and I tried every type of settings but after playing a good hour or so of it, I realized the recording kinda came out choppy :\


Quite a breath of fresh air, highly recommend it, The atmosphere is spot on, I can't wait to see what comes next in future updates and full release!  


Thank you SO much for getting in touch and asking me to check this out, it did not disappoint! I am so intrigued by the mystery around the story! My only criticism would be that it was waaaay too dark at times but apart from that I LOVED it!

Glad you liked it! Can't wait for you to try the big content patch we're doing - adds more story context ;)


Awesome!! I'm looking forward to that!


Had a super fun time playing this!  Very trippy experience and can't wait for the full release, hope it's soon.  Here is my playthrough if you'd like to check it out.

Thank you for playing - we just watched your let’s play, glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for our major content update coming up! 


This game is great so far and I can't wait to see where it leads! Very atmospheric and spooky! Haven't had this type of adrenaline rush playing a game since going through Outlast. Will be sharing with my buddies and rerunning to find anything I might have missed! :)

Thank you! There are plenty of hidden lore and items people haven't found yet. Stay tuned for our bit content update!


I don't feel so bad after watching others gameplay/reactions lolol beautifully done game that offers a story your just urging to find more about. Well done abandoned house ill be following the progress!

Thank you, we hope to blow away your expectations with the full release!


So AWESOME!!! The game gave me chills! The graphics were Great, the game play is smooth and the story mode has me wanting more!  Keep up the good work! Can't wait for it to be finished!

Thank you! We can't wait for it to be finished either.

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Very promising game. The developers at Abandon House Studios have obviously committed to making a quality experience for the player.  I HIGHLY  recommend this to anyone who has taken the time to look into this game and read through these reviews. 

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the kind words!! We hope you stay tuned for a big patch that'll be coming (hopefully) near the end of August. 


This is an amazing game with so much potential!! I know the game development process can be a bit but it seems like these guys are shooting for a bigger story than just a cheap jumpscare horror game. Keep up the good work guys!

Thank you! That's exactly what we're trying to do! Stay tuned for more updates on the project :D


Hey guys. Played your game at the weekend for my channel. I had to dial down the settings despite having a powerful PC to record though, and I found it very dark with no gamma control.
Overall, I really enjoyed the creepy atmosphere of the house but I found the addition of the bits of story just confusing to the point that it interfered with the fun creepy house aspect. It made no sense to me.
I was disappointed to find out after playing that the best jumpscare in the game wasn't available to me because the bathroom was locked through the whole play, so likewise I didn't get the lighter (which might of helped with the darkness).
I think the game has potential. Your work on the atmosphere and graphics was fantastic. Just the story needs to be less complicated and confusing.
Interested enough to see where you take this project though. Needs some optimisation though so we can play on higher settings and still record. Thanks for the demo guys. 

Hello, thank you for playing and thanks even more for the feedback. We've been optimizing and patching things every couple days. We're posting a blog update very soon that goes over all the major patches we've done from technical issues like you ran into to tightening up the story. Apologies again, we hope to give you the horror thrills you're seeking in the updated version (if you'll give us another go). Thank you again for playing. 


No worries guys. I enjoyed many parts of it. I'll absolutely be checking out your updates. I'm interested to see where you take the project. Cheers.


can i know system requirements to play this game ?

(1 edit)

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
6 GB Ram
Nividia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon 370 
5.5 GB available storage 

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
8 GB Ram
Nividia GeForce GTX 1060-8gb or AMD Radeon 480
5.5 GB available storage 

^ You can run the game reliably with lower than the recommended specs with median texture detail and low shadows. The main benchmark to look for is a minimum of at least 4gb of vram.

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Crazy game! Really well done and I love the blink mechanic.  I sometimes had the feeling I saw something right before blinking and then it was gone... real spooky.   For a free game that's a 10/10 for me.  I would've paid for that.  One of the hidden gems here.  Cheers! 


Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing. We know you do no-commentary videos so we're super happy we were able to read what you thought about it. Cheers to you, we're looking forward to wowing you with the full release!


Also, if you wouldn't mind leaving a rating that would really help us organize general pros and cons as we continue development. Thanks again!


Really fun concept and the atmosphere was amazing! can't wait to see the full game :)

Thank you for playing, can't wait to tune into this let's play! If you could take a minute to rate the demo it would really help us weigh all the pros and cons as we continue to develop. Thanks again!!! 


TL:DR An extremely solid demo worth the 45 minutes and the 5 Gb.

Now onto the main event, The Good The Bad and The Doctor.

The Good.

Almost all the interactions with Mr Bits and the subtle clues towards his existence (before he reveals himself) are just creepy enough to keep the player on their toes. Teleporting the player inbetween blinks and forcing the player to interact with what I can only assume is a demon creates a strong feeling of tension.

The House design was interesting, twists and turns, doorways where you'd think it would be dead ends, doors catching in places that they shouldn't due to the overall design being just a little off in places works great from a story telling stand point. 

The story has me genuinly interested even if it is a little pretentious in places.

The Bad.

Okay straight up the way the player is forced to intereact with objects just sometimes doesn't work, typically in horror gaes you want, left mouse click for picking up items and right mouse click for opening doors. Instead when it came to picking up notes and tapes I found myself mashing both buttons hoping eventually I would pick it up.

I can appreiciate that rather than just have a usual bright flash light in a suburban home you'd have a lighter, ups the spooky factor and all that. However if you want the player to be able to read all the world building and notes you may want to decrease the general les flare on it, as it makes reading notes, especially books, extremely difficult.

Finally the key management system and by extenstion note management system needs a bit of an overall, generally in horror games short notes and plot developing items go straight into player inventory and keys are auto matically used without needing to be selected. With a large portions of the notes in the game being just notes that have no bearing on the story or books that seem to exist as an inside joke that cannot be picked up leaves the game feeling a bit unnimersive. Maybe overhauling the inventory system so that it can automatically sort and select keys for you and also contain the various drawings in the game and notes in subcatagories to satisfy my need to collect every scrap of lore possible.

I won't ention the fps issues as it seems the new patch has fixed most of them so ignore that in the video.

The Doctor.

You were stunning and you know what? So was I.

Thank you for taking the time to give us an in-depth review! We appreciate how you detailed out the pros and cons and helping us see what we can iterate and improve on.

Thanks again!

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Where to begin?
Blink is a great game hidden among the crowd, this is a game made by developers that care more about telling a compelling story and building atmosphere rather then a quick jumpscare.

It features a great blinking mechanic that sets it apart from other titles and gives a feeling of dread, when your character blinks you don't know what will happen...

The game runs great, not a single frame drop on my rig while recording, and that is refreshing to see in a newer title.

As for the intro, it was great to see the effort put into the game. You don't see that too often in games these days, unfortunately.

All and all, if you enjoy good atmosphere and a good compelling story with multiple endings and plenty of secrets  then give this game a shot!

If you'd like to see the ending I got and my reaction to the game then check me out. :)

Thank you so much for playing, we hope to up the ante for you upon the full release!


I LOVED THIS! As a big fan of the genre, too many horror games avoid atmosphere and the build of suspense, so Blink is right up my alley. Not your typical haunted house story, Blink will remind you why scary games can be effective. Things happen, sometimes without you realizing it. You see something on the table that wasn’t there a minute ago. Or, “Didn’t I close that door when I left?” 

Of course, as the story slowly begins revealing itself, the incidents ramp up. “I hear the shower running, but no one is in there... right? 

I don’t want to spoil your experience, but trust me, if you’re a fan of suspense and don’t want your game to rely on cheap jump scares, try this. 


We're very happy you enjoyed your experience and like that we're doing with the classic "slow burn then ramp up" type horror approach. Thanks again for playing!


This one is a pretty good horror experience.  Good atmosphere and a few jump scares.  Check out the vid.
Deleted 2 years ago

Hello, apologies for the confusion. You can use the lighter by pressing the "4" key, thank you again for playing, we really do appreciate it.


6gig of gold right here, highly recommend this one!


We really appreciate the kind words, thank you!


The subtle changes in the environment made me question if I were actually going insane. Well done, can't wait for the main course.


Amazing game highly recommend

thank you!! 



I really liked this game, I felt uneasy all the way through! Looking forward to more! 😁

Thank you for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it!


Yeah I loved it. Very good job! 😎👍


I love the atmosphere! 

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